Still Diesel/LPG Forklift Truck Type RX70-22, RX70-25, RX70-30, RX70-35: 7321-7330 Service Manual

Original Illustrated Factory Workshop Service Manual for Still Diesel/LPG Forklift Truck Type RX70-22, RX70-25, RX70-30, RX70-35. 
Original factory manuals for Still Forklift Trucks, contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate and repair your truck. All Manuals Printable and contains Searchable Text
Covered models:
Format: PDF, 378 Pages
Language: English
    00. Product information
        About RX70 2.2t - 3.5t
        Safety instructions
        Working on live electrical components
        Working on Hybrid components
        Jacking up the front of the truck
        Jacking up the rear of the truck
        Securing the fork carriage
        Maintenance instructions
        Maintenance — 1000 hours/annually
        Maintenance — 3000 hours/every six months
        Measuring and testing equipment
        Special tool
        Standard torques
    11. Electric motor
        Traction motor
        General technical data
        Electrical connections
        Traction drive
        Traction motor
        Speed sensor
        Pin sensor
        Temperature sensor
        Temperature sensor KTY84
        General technical data
        Alternator removal-installation
    12. Internal combustion engine
        Internal combustion engine
        Engine unit Removal and installation
        Starter ring gear
        Starter motor
        Alternator monitoring
        Diesel engine
        General technical data VW1.9ISDI
        General technical data VW1.9ITDI
        Diesel engine VW 1.91SDI/TDI
        Engine control unit VW 1.91SDI/TDI
        General technical data VW 2.OITDI
        Diesel engine VW2.0ITDI
        LPG engine
        General technical data VW2.0ISPI
        VW LPG -2.0 litre BEF
        Engine control unit VW 2.01 SPI
    13. Combustion engine — attachments
        Air intake /filter
        Air intake
        Air filter
        Cooling system
        Cooling circuit
        Checking, topping up and changing the coolant
        Radiator system
        Radiator Removal and installation
        Fan wheel rotor -fan motor
        Diesel fuel system
        Fuel system
        Fuel filter
        Low fuel warning threshold
        LPG system
        LPG system
        Impco components
        Evaporator function -gas mixer
        Suction module
        0B6 MAP/MAT sensor
        Chassis module
        Actuator unit
        Gas shut-off valve unit
        Gas shut-off valve monitoring
        Shut-down due to lack of gas
        Maintenance and test specifications
        Testing CO level in exhaust gases
        Servicing the LPG filter
        Servicing the 30-bar excess pressure safety device
        Evaporator- maintenance
        Checking the evaporator for leaks
        High-pressure relief valve - 1.7 bar
        LPG cylinder/tank
        LPG cylinder
    14. Combustion engine — exhaust system
        Exhaust system -diesel
        Exhaust system
        Exhaust system -particle filter
        General technical data - Eberspacher
        Structure of the Eberspacher particle filter
        7.5 kW Eberspacher particle filter
        Maintenance instructions
        Exhaust system — LPG
        Lambda control system
        Lambda sensor
        Three-way catalytic converter
    22. Mechanical drive axle
        Wheel drive
        Wheel drive
        Power unit
        General technical data Carraro 8.30
        Drive axle
        Removal and installation of the drive axle
        Differential gearbox
    31. Chassis
    34. Driver's compartment
        Hood— covering — insulation
        Motor hood
    42. Steering system
        Hydraulic steering
        General technical data
        Steering system
        Steering — error detection
        Steering unit
        Priority valve
        Steering wheel and steering column
        Steering column
        Steering axle
        General technical data
        Swing axle
        Swing axle Removal and installation
        Wheel hub
        Steering angle
        Tie rod
        Axle stub
    49. Brake system
        Hydraulic service brake
        Service brake
        Brake sensor 1B2
        Parking brake
        Parking brake switch 1 S3
        Parking brake
    50. Operating devices
        Single pedal
        Accelerator -single-pedal
        Dual pedal
        Accelerator — dual pedal
        Operating devices
        Hand lever
        Joystick operation
        Generation 2 mini-lever
        Generation 2 mini-leverActuation
        Tip switch
        Generation 1 mini-lever
        Axle assignment
        Direction indicator module (Fabli)
    56. Display elements
        Operating console
        Drive direction turn indicator display
        Display operating unit (ABE 1) Generation 1
        ABE 1 Installation and removal
        Display operating unit (ABE 2) Generation 2
        ABE 2 Installation and removal
    60. Electrics/Electronics
        General technical data
        Overview of the controllers
        Overview of electrical components
        Software compatibility
        PAN process
        Parameter management
        Error ring buffer
        Insulation measurement
        Hybrid component insulation measurements
        Traction motortemperature monitoring
        Drive mode — driving behaviour Availability
        Driving mode — driving behaviour Description
        Blue-Q = IQ
        CAN bus connections
        Electrical system
        Fuse box
        Sensor system
        Vertical lift mast position
        Tilt angle sensor 7B46
        Tilt angle sensor parameters
        Installation of the vertical lift mast position
        Load measurement
        Load measurement pressure sensor
        Other components
        Option board
        CAN-Power-Port (CPP)
        CPP 1/CPP 3
        Soot CPP (CPP5)
    64. Electronic controllers
        Truck control unit
        Truck Control Unit (TCU)
        Truck Contrail Unit (TCU) Removal and installation
        Hybrid I converter
        ConvertersRemoval and installation
        Brake resistor
        Hybrid components
        Hybrid Ifunction
        DC/DC converter
        DC/DC converter Removal and installation
        Storage module — energy accumulators
        Storage module Removal and installation
        Forced ventilation
    69. Batteries and accessories
        Starter battery
        Starter battery
    70. Hydraulics
        General technical data
        Lifting operating speeds
        Tilting operating speeds
        Lowering operating speeds
        Forward tilt safety test
        Lowering safety test
        Safety checks of hose assembly
        Depressurising the hydraulics
        Basic hydraulics
        Basic hydraulics
        Fan motor control unit
        Fan control valve
        Steering hydraulics
        Operating hydraulics
        Variable displacement pump
        Hybrid I variable displacement pump
        Pump regulator
        Variable pumpRemoval and installation
        Hydraulic oil
        Return filter
        Suction filter
        High-pressure filter
        Conical nipple fittings (CNF)
        Bolted joint
    71. Operating hydraulics
        Tilt cylinder
        Mast tilt
        Tilt cylinder Removal and installation
        Changing the set of seals 2200 -5000 kg
        Additional hydraulics
        Second operating function for attachments
        Clamp locking mechanism for hand levers
    76. Valves
        Hand lever
        General technical data
        Hand lever valve block
        Valve block Removal / installation
        Directional control valve block
        Check valve for hydraulics blocking function
        Hydraulic transmitter
        Servo hydraulics
        General technical data
        Servo hydraulics valve block
        Directional control valve block
        Directional control valve function Lifting
        Directional control valve function Lowering
    81. Lift mast
        Lift mast
        General technical data
        Telescopic lift mast
        NiHo lift mast
        Triple mast
        Lift mast — removal
        Lift mast— installation
        Load chains
        Load chains Checking, cleaning
        Adjusting the load chains Telescopic mast
        Adjusting the load chains NiHo lift mast
        Outer load chain Triple mast
        Middle load chain Triple mast
        End position cushioning
        End position damping of outer cylinder
        Middle cylinder end dampener
        Line breakage protection
        Hose safety valve of triplex mast
        Shock valve installation positions
        Lift cylinders
        Lift jack
        Outer cylinder
        Centre cylinder
        Cylinder head
        Rollers/supporting rollers
        Support roller clearance
    84. Load support
        Fork carriage
        Fork carriage
        X Circuit diagrams
        Hand lever until 12/2009
        Hand lever from 01/2010
        Servo hydraulics
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