Still IC-Engined Fork Truck R70-16, R70-18, R70-20 Series: R7094-R7099 Workshop Manual

Original Illustrated Factory Workshop Manual for Still Forklift Truck with Diesel and LPG Engines R70-16, R70-18, R70-20 Series.

Original factory manuals for Still Forklift Trucks, contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate and repair your truck. All Manuals Printable and contains Searchable Text

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Format: PDF, 133 Pages
Language: English


00 Product information
    About the R70 1.6 - 2.0t
    Symbols Used
    Safety instructions
    Securing the fork carriage
12 Internal combustion engine
    Internal combustion engine
    Engine unit
    Diesel engine
    SDI general technical data
    VW - Diesel engine
    Engine control unit ECU - two-part
    0B2 engine speed transmitter
    0B4 suction pipe pressure transmitter
    0B5 needle stroke transmitter
    9E13-16 engine glow plugs
    Exchanging the toothed belt Diesel VW SDI -TDI
    Toothed belt - wearing parts
    LPG engine
    LPG general technical data
    VW LPG -2.0 litre BEF
    Engine control unit (ECU)
    Electronic ignition system, overview
    Replacing the toothed belt
    Toothed belt -wearing parts
13 Internal combustion engine - attachment parts
    Cooling system
    Coolant pump
    0B1 coolant temperature transmitter
    Coolant regulator
    Diesel fuel system
    Fuel injection system
    Fuel injection system -checking the voltage supply
    Checking the injection timing
    Injection pump
    0B3 fuel temperature transmitter
    0B3 control valve travel transmitter
    0B3 fuel quantity actuator
    0Y1 fuel cutoff valve
    0Y2 valve for start of injection
    LPG system
    LPG system
    Evaporator function - gas mixer
    Suction module
    0B6 MAP/MAT sensor
    Chassis module
    Actuator unit
    Gas shut-off valve unit
    Shut-down due to lack of gas
    Maintenance and inspection regulations
    Servicing the LPG filter
    Servicing the 30-bar excess pressure safety device
    Testing CO level in exhaust gases
    Evaporator- maintenance
    Checking the evaporator for leaks
    High-pressure reliefvalve- 1.7 bar
    LPG cylinder/tank
    LPG cylinder
14 Internal combustion engine - exhaust system
    Exhaust system — LPG
    Lambda control system
    Lambda sensor
    Three-way catalytic converter
56 Display elements
    Console - Operation
    Programming mode
    Password level 0
    Password level 1
    Password level 2
60 Electrics / Electronics
    General technical data
    Calibration R70
    Parameter management
    Drive mode— driving behaviour Availability
    Drive mode— driving behaviour Description
    Electrical system
    Current sensor
    Fuse plate
    Battery and accessories
    Starter battery
    Traction and working hydraulics control
    A4 control unit
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