DACON - Game Icon Generator

DACON is an icon set dedicated to game designers and developers.
It's a premium, high quality, and carefully crafted icon set in semi-3D-cartoony style. Very suitable to use on any websites, casual games on mobile or any other devices.

All shapes are based on paths and smart objects, so it’s super easy to customize. Each icon contains 3 main colors that can edit globally so the whole icon set will be match with your current design’s color theme.

DACON specially made for Adobe Photoshop CC and above. It using Layer Comps feature (only available to this Photoshop version) to record layer visibility so we can easily view multiple versions of a layout in a single design.


  • 32 icons, each in 512, 256, 128, 64, & 32 px (160 icons in total).

  • Auto generated into image assets (.png)

  • 3 global colors (bottom light, top light, and accent color)

  • Layer Comps supported (a time saver!)

Please read and follow the Instructions Guide carefully.
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