C4 Sunset tones (5 presets)

Since my last preset pack, I have started college, moved cities, did more photoshoots, and met some great people. Since I now live in San Diego, I've been working hard on my preset editing and color correction in Adobe Lightroom. It is now time that I release a few preset packs for different situations.

This preset pack is perfect for when Golden hour comes into effect. The presets in this pack are:

C4 MAGICAL TONES 1: This preset gives off a slight fade with adjustments of sunset warmths. It has a slight fade to it and absolutely looks great

C4 MAGICAL TONES 2: This preset has adjustments to the sky and blues of the water

C4 MAGICAL TONES 3: This preset has a fade to it and adjustments to shadows and the sky

C4 MAGICAL TONES 4: This preset is less for direct sunset shots but works best when one side of the subject is lit by the sunset

C4 MAGICAL TONES 5: This preset has adjustments for darks and the warmths
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