Monster Hunter World Overlay Package

I’m excited to offer you this awesome "Monster Hunter World" design that you can use for your Twitch channel, Youtube and more. That´s the best overlay you can find! Check it :)

All complements are separated so you can build your own composition with ease and change the language with the archive .psd

The package includes:

  • Chroma Webcam Overlay (with .psd to edit name)

  • 5 Events Overlay (TopDonator,LastFollower,etc.)

  • 4 Different Panel Alerts 

  • Social Media Icons & Banners

  • +10 Wallpapers to use included

  • +30 PNG´s to use

  • [EXTRA]- Offline Wallpaper Totally Editable!

|Format: .RAR & .PSD
|Dimensions: 1920x1080 px
|Size: 39.8MB
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