Table of Contents

  • JAASEP Editorial Board of Reviewers

  • Examining the Attitudes of Secondary General Education and Special Education Teachers Toward Inclusion of Children with Autism in General Education Classrooms - Morghan E. Bosch

  • Action Research Report: Using Objects to Increase Reading Comprehension in Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities - Sheila Bravo

  • The Redundancy Effect on Retention and Transfer for Individuals with High Symptoms of ADHD - Victoria Brown, David Lewis and Mario Toussaint

  • Guidelines for the Administration of Educational Programs for Students who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing, Visually Impaired, or Deafblind - Susan Bruce, Kay Ferrell and John L. Luckner

  • Teaching Reading Comprehension to Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders in Social Studies Classrooms: Middle School Teacher Perceptions- Lisa Burke, Wu-Ying Hsieh, Norma Lopez-Reyna and Kathryn Servilio

  • General Education and Special Education Teachers’ Attitudes Towards Inclusion - David A. Hernandez, Susan Hueck and Carmen Charley

  • Widely Used Disciplinary Options for Aggressive Kids - Andrea Belyea, Herbert Neely and Julie P. Jones

  • Leadership Style of Head Teachers of Basic Special Schools as Correlates of Retention of Special Needs Educators in Southern Ghana - Felix Kwame Kumedzro, Nelly Otube, Chomba Wamunyi and Mary Runo

  • Revisiting the Regular Education Initiative: Multi-tiered Systems of Support Can Strengthen the Connection Between General and Special Education - Debra Leach and Shawnna Helf

  • Effects of Inclusion Classrooms on Academic Achievement of Students with Learning Disabilities and Students in General Education - Sharon Ware

  • Author Guidelines for Submission to JAASEP

  • Copyright and Reprint Rights of JAASEP 

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