C5D LUT - Slog Fix

For: Sony a7S, Sony a7S II, Sony a7R II, Sony a6300

Note: This LUT file can be used by a single operator only. Any duplication, reupload or reselling is not allowed. Please respect our work.

This basic .cube 3D LUT file fixes the "crushed blacks" phenomena on external HDMI recordings in Slog 2 and Slog 3 Gamma.

Important: You do not need this on the Convergent Design Odyssey Recorder as their latest firmware provides a fix in the form of a "Legalize HDMI" function you will find in the INPUTS menu.

For more information read our related article: https://www.cinema5d.com/lut-slog-problem-fix-sony-a7s-sony-a7s-ii-a7r-ii-a6300-external-recordings/



Do I need this if I don’t use Slog 2 or Slog 3 Gamma?
No. The Slog Problem is only present in external recordings with Slog 2 and 3 Gammas via HDMI.

What about external recordings via SDI?
External recordings via SDI are not affected. Please don’t use the Slog Fix on those.

Will this work even on files that have already been recorded?
Yes. You can use this on files you have recorded with an external recorder in the past. The files were only saved with the wrong metadata and the information can be pulled back with the help of our LUT or the workarounds described here.

Who is it for?
For people who want to retain the original Slog 2 or Slog 3 Gamma in order to accurately grade, match cameras or use pre defined LUTs. If you apply LUTs dedicated to Slog 2 or 3, you will not get the correct results without fixing your files first.

Will I lose color information or quality when I use the LUT on a recorder (burned in)?
No. According to our tests the results are the same as if you would apply the fix in post. Note that in general there is a slight variance between externally recorded colors in comparison to internally recorded H.264 files on Sony cameras. We think the external recordings with our LUT look more color accurate. Download the sample images above to compare them and see the nuances. Make sure you use this workflow properly before burning the LUT into your recorded files.

How do I use this on an Atomos Shogun

1. To use the C5D SlogFix for monitoring purposes:

  • Copy the C5D-SlogFix.cube file to the root folder of your Atomos Shogun Media (An SSD or harddisk).

  • Tap the yellow “…” icon at the bottom right hand side of the screen.

  • Tap on one of the 8 LUT slots (preferably an empty one)

  • Tap on the folder icon

  • In the new window that opens tap the “C5D-SlogFix.cube” file twice. This will load the LUT onto your Atomos Shogun recorder.

  • To monitor tap the LUT slot now associated with the C5D-SlogFix and tap the monitoring icon on the top right hand side to switch monitoring on or off.

  • The C5D-SlogFix.cube file can be deleted from the media.

2. To burn C5D SlogFix into your file (RECOMMENDED for a faster grading workflow):

  • Follow the monitoring setup of 1.

  • After your camera is connected, tap the “hdmi” icon in the top left hand corner.

  • In the window that opens, under the section “RECORD 4KUHDp…” tap on “3D LUT: Off”, so it says “3D LUT: On”

  • There should be a red, flashing icon in the top right hand corner that says “MON LUT”

  • Make sure the C5D-SlogFix LUT is selected in the yellow “…” menu.

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