Angel's Bowl Cut Haircut

Angel sold her hair on a website, and her buyer wanted her to receive a bowl cut haircut. In her interview session, you'll learn about her previous hair maintenance routine.

Following that, Angel takes a seat in the barber chair for her haircut. She is nervous and has not told her husband about the haircut! The stylist ties a neck strip around her neck and covers her with a white plastic cape that has a high color. Using a scissors, 77 cm of hair is sniped from Angel's head. Once the bowl cut haircut is finished, two different dusting brushes are used to help remove the hair clippings, and the sides of her head are covered with hot lather, and shaved with a disposable razor. Angel notices that her bowl cut poofs up a bit, so the stylist covers her with a red nylon cape and begins to thin out her hair with a thinning shears. Now it's time to review the result. Do you think she'll like her new haircut? screen size: 720x480
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