No Chill - Sample Pack

This pack is more than just zombie shots & spooky sounds. While Halloween is the theme, the sounds have a wide range in variety. This pack is NOT genre based. All samples and loops are the highest quality possible. This pack has many different genres of music included. I highly recommend experimenting with the sounds and loops in genres you wouldn’t think to use them in. Better yet, don’t even attempt to produce a genre at all. Let the creativity flow and get weird. I’m trying to give you a break from all the mainstream packs out on the market right now ;).

This pack is 100% royalty free! All samples can be used for commercial use! :)

Within the set of sounds you will find 10 construction kits. None of these kits sound the same and they all have their own taste. Each kit includes every individual stem used to create the final mix. So you can take what you want out of each kit and use them how you’d like!

The vocal phrases in this pack are… out of the ordinary. My sense of humor really shines through the phrases I’ve said in this pack. It would be best to listen to them on your own and you’ll see what I mean. Other than immature spurts you’ll find vocal phrases like “Happy Halloween” & “Trick or Treat”. Ya know, just Halloween stuff.

There’s much more to the pack, just take a look at the contents below! Happy Halloween :)


41 Kicks
43 Snares
13 Claps
27 Hats
33 Percs
7 Shakers
58 Recorded Toolbox Sounds
4 Drum Construction Kits
10 Music Construction Kits
22 Tonal Shots
62 Music Loops
60 Spooky Sounds
18 Bone Cracks
51 Zombie Sounds
99 Vocal Phrases
44 BeatBox Shots
11 Deep Sounds
14 Reverb Shots
10 Transformer FX Sounds
13 Pretty Sounds
17 Computer Noises
27 Zaps
17 Risers
20 Extra One Shots
25 Midi Files
19 Serum Presets
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