Motion Graphics Pack 2 (Includes Tutorials)

Motion Graphics Pack 2 (Includes Tutorials)

Within this product you can find an After Effects project file with 6 unique customizable animations as well as 10 unique customizable 2D accents and 4 unique customizable 2D explosions to add energy and a stylised feel to any simple animation or even in combination with some of the animations I have included. All of these animations are so customizable and editable that by the end you wont even be able to tell you bought it from here. There is also a full video course (1hr30mins+ worth of footage) that I recorded myself showing how I made everything included in this pack and how you can do it yourself. 

Each animation is fully customizable with links to all the fonts included, you can change what the text says, the font of the text, the colours, the layer styles, absolutely anything, with the animation still looking great. All you have to do is select the layer to customize it, or double-click a text layer and type in the chosen text you want.
I have included two different versions of the project file, one for After Effects CC12 and one for CS6. Either of these can be opened in any version of After Effects after CC12, for example CC 2014.

What you get:

  • -6 fully-customizable 2D animations

  • -10 fully-customizable 2D elements/accents

  • -4 fully-customizable 2D explosions/impacts

  • -How you can get all the fonts used in this project

  • -1hr30mins+ worth of video footage, seperated into each category to form a full video course of tutorials showing exactly how I created each and every aspect of this massive pack.

This pack has everything you need to create motion graphics and 2D animations at the same level as the animations you see me create in my videos and edits.

You will need the Sapphire Plugins Suite in order to use most of these animations to their full potential, as well as Trapcode 3D Stroke.
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