These Aren't the Droids You're Looking For (Sheet Music for Voice and Ukulele)

Indie alt pop Star Wars parody featuring smooth vocals, electronic dance grooves and distorted ukulele . . . "I remember writing this song on a four-hour drive back home from the Utah Shakespearean Festival. Dixie, my darling wife (references to her in the video), drove why I thought about Ben Kenobi's famous phrase, "These aren't the droids you're looking for." I remember seeing a cartoon somewhere with a storm trooper at home, burying his head in his hands and explaining to his wife, "The thing is, I knew that they WERE the droids we were looking for." There are a lot of 'sages' out there dispensing advice, from wise souls, to well-meaning folk, to people that want to deceive you, to general impressions we get from living in a complicated society . . . the messages get mixed and it causes a lot of stress and confusion and the song sort of turned out to be about all of that; the good messages and the bad."

M. Ryan Taylor is an indie alt pop classical-crossover artist who happens to play the ukulele and piano.
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