Process Identification – Toyota Motor Corporation Recall of Vehicles.RAR

Process Identification – Toyota Motor Corporation Recall of Vehicles

Since 2010, the Toyota Motor Corporation has been forced to conduct a product recall on thousands of vehicles with dangerously malfunctioning accelerators. This crisis for the Toyota company has been well documented in popular as well as professional publications over the last few years. In this assessment, write the first part of an operations improvement plan (OIP) by considering Toyota's organizational practices at the time of their accelerator crisis.

In order to begin building your OIP, you will first need to conduct in-depth research on the Toyota accelerator recall crisis, the previous state of the Toyota organizational processes, and the organizational changes Toyota has made since it began. Once you have developed a baseline understanding of the Toyota crisis, focus your research on the specific elements of the situation that are relevant to your OIP. You should plan to have the bulk of your research and investigative work done early, so that you have a solid foundation for building your OIP. Note that several case studies and library resources that address the Toyota accelerator crisis have been recommended for you throughout the course. These materials should give you a starting point for your research, but it will be necessary for you to conduct further independent research on the Toyota crisis in order to build your OIP. The Capella library is a recommended source of scholarly and professional information on the subject.

Take some time to read all of the assessments for this course. Each of the first five assessments represents a component of a typical OIP. For the final assessment, you will compile your work to deliver a finalized OIP, incorporating updates and focusing on the message you want to deliver to the organizational leaders (in this case, the leaders at Toyota Motor Corporation).

After conducting preliminary research, complete the following for this assessment:

  1. Identify several of Toyota's existing organizational processes at the time of the accelerator crisis. (Your OIP will replace one or more of these processes.)

  2. For each process you identify, write a short summary addressing the following specific topics. Your analyses should be as thorough as possible. Be sure to cite your resources for this information.

  • Importance: What is the importance of the process to the Toyota organization?

  • Scope: What is the scope of this process (what is the breadth of its reach)?

  • Parties involved: What customers, as well as internal and external suppliers, are affected by this process?

  • Priority: What is the timeliness or urgency for resolving the issues involved in this process?

  • Benefits: What is the overall impact or benefit for Toyota in improving this process?

  • Cost: What are the costs to Toyota if the process is not improved?

  1. Select one of the processes you have identified as needing improvement to use as the basis for your operations improvement plan (OIP). Select a process that lends itself to an in-depth analysis and that is important to the Toyota Corporation. Be sure to focus on a process that you will be able to evaluate and address within the scope of your OIP. Take into account the amount of time required to complete the OIP.

  2. Explain why you think this process should be addressed, focusing on your analysis of its importance to the organization and how the process would benefit from improvement.

Additional Requirements

  • Written communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.

  • APA formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to APA (6th edition) style and formatting.

  • Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12-point.

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