Security is an important feature of information systems. Often, text is encrypted before being sent, and then decrypted upon receipt. We want to build a class (or several classes) encapsulating the concept of encryption. You will need to test that class with a client program where the main method is located.

For this project, encrypting consists of translating each character into another character. For instance, if we consider the English alphabet, including characters a through z, each character is randomly encrypted into another, which could be the same character. (if you like, you can design your program so that no character in encrypted into itself.) To represent this concept, we can have an array of characters for the original alphabet, and another array of characters for the encrypted alphabet.

To encrypt a word, each letter in the work is replaced by the corresponding letter in the encrypted alphabet. For example, the word caged would be encrypted into huzsa. To decrypt a word, the letters in the encrypted word are replaced by the corresponding letter in the original alphabet. For example, the encrypted word xssa would be decrypted as feed.

If we have 26 different characters in the original alphabet, then we will have 26 different characters in the encrypted alphabet. Furthermore, the encrypted alphabet should be randomly generated.

In your main method, you should prompt the user for a sentence. Your program should encrypt the sentence, output the encrypted sentence, then decrypt it, and output the decrypted sentence, which should be identical to the original sentence that was input by the user.

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