271 Miss Iris & Miss Black Mamba alcoholic party all night long

It's Sunday morning in Turin and the two Misses, Miss Iris and Miss Black Mamba, are heading home after a long alcoholic Saturday Night Party! Or at least this is what they want to do, because they are still a bit drunk from yesterday alcohol!

They are so drunk that they can't even open the door of the Renault 5 with the key! They are bot wearing black tops, blue jeans and high heels, and they look both tired! Now, the only thing between them and their comfortable bed is a short drive with the Renault 5, but they first have to start it!

Miss Black Mamba is driving and the car refusing to start is not going to keep her calm at all! She starts slamming on the pedal while shouting "Go!Go!Go!" to the car. But thanks to a cold night, the poor Renault doesn't want to wake up! It's hard to start the car normally, imagine how hard can it be while being tired and drunk!

After a while, even the Renault is tired of those two girls and so it starts. But Miss Black Mamba is not sober enough to drive the car, so it starts a long drive home made by two drunk girls having a lot of fun!

This clip is a must have!
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