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All Questions - Expert Answers

Question 1:

What is overriding? Please use code to explain it. (Cannot use the same code in class)

Question 2:

What are the benefits when inheritance is used if multiple classes share the same fields and methods?

 Question 3:

Assume there is a base class with multiple constructors, if the subclass inherits from the base class, do we need to create a constructor in the subclass? Why?

Question 4:

What is abstract class? Please use an example with code to explain it.

Question 5:

What is interface? What is the difference between interface and abstract class?

6. Is there a limit to the number of classes one can create, are methods considered functions or behaviors, can inheritance ever be disrupted? 

7. With the update of most of today's modern browsers, there are several CSS3 properties that allow you to apply graphic-like rules to your HTML. Research some of these new CSS3 properties and find out what they are and how they work, and paste the links in your first post. Then, for the second post, pick a property that is different from yours and take a look and comment.

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