Homework #7 ADT 50 points Solution

(50 points)

The purpose of this assignment is to practice developing an ADT with overloaded operators and separate compilation. For this project we will be developing an ADT for integers.

First create a separate directory for this assignment

mkdir proj7

cd proj7

Then copy the my_int.h and main.cc from my directory intoproj7 directory.

cp /home/kmgsubm/f14_2400/proj7/* .

You may add other functions, but DO NOT change any functions or function names in the my_int.h class

Before you begin working on this program please look at Money.h, Money.cc and main.cc on Blackboard. You can also copy these files from my directory. cp /home/kmgsubm/f14_2400/week13/Money/* .

Class Description

• A default constructor – initialize the value to zero

• A constructor that takes one argument for the initial value of val.

• A set function set the value to the incoming argument.

• An extraction operator () that allows user to enter the integer from the keyboard or from a data file.

• An insertion operator (<<) that outputs the integer to the screen or to an output file.

• One accessor function for the private member variable.

Overload the operator +, -, %, *,<=, and << as friend functions of the class and increment and decrement operators as member functions of the class. Also *, / and == operators and non-member functions of the class.

For this program input is from the keyboard and output is written to the screen.

Finally you have to make sure that you have 3 files in your proj6 directory.

• The interface file (my_int.h)

• The implementation file consists of all the function definitions of the class. And this file will be saved as a my_int.cc file. You have to include your interface file in your implementation file along with other include directives in the

following manner: #include “my_int.h”

This file can contain short (one- or two-line) comments for each function and header block with you name, date etc.

• Your main function (application file) saved as a .cc file.

When you are compiling you have to include both .cc files. Do not compile the .h file.

g++ -Wall main.cc my_int.cc

OR g++ -Wall *.cc

Note: Before submitting the program make sure that you are in the correct directory and it contain 3 files. (interface file implementation file, application file)

/home/kmgsubm/bin/2400submit -p 7

Also turn in your implementation file with a cover sheet showing name/date/time on Tuesday December 3rd

Scoring for Assignment 7

- Documentation – header comments (for implementation) , style etc. - 2 pts - Functions - 45 points

- Electronic submission (3 files) and source code (implementation file) – 3 pts

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