Kasak Portraits Outdoors Presets

This is my new package.

I put my most used presets in the package

See some examples on my instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pavelkasak/

By buying this package, includes 13 universal Portraits Outdoors Presets + Instructions.
You will receive an .Irtemplate file that you can import into Lightroom.


 High dynamic range black and white portrait preset, with clarity and sharpness, along with boosted contrast and vibrancy

Advance - Strong contrast, color vibrancy, and dynamic range

Mally- Saturation, vibrancy, bright highlights, deep shadows, and the slightest yellow/blue split toning

Cool - Cold tone, decreased yellow and orange tones, desaturated greens, raised clarity

Sport street / Sport – Dramatic and ideal for street photography, fashion, and sports; High clarity, sharpness, contrast, and dynamic range

Olive - Warmth, brown darks, decreased blues, and olive greens

Outdoor - Standard outdoor preset, with a touch less reds and yellows 

Keen - High contrast, brightening, sharpening, high clarity, and boosted colors

Film - Warm and faded, with lowered clarity and saturation

Clearly - Skin softening and highlights, violet color cast and cool style

Bright colors - Soft colors, desaturated greens, slightly blue shadows, and a kick of warmth

Watercolor - A cooled and watery spectrum of colors


By doing some adjustments to your own shot's condition, you will be able to get great results.

RAW photos work best with this preset.
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