You are to complete the code found in Once completed you can then simulate a good old game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. To play you need to compile,, and Then you will run InputMaker. It will ask you for the desired number of matches. Then you can run RockPaperScissorsTest. It will ask you for the number of matches. Enter the same number that you provided to InputMaker. If all is well with your code you should see the results. InputMaker creates two txt files using Math.random. When you run the game these two files are used as input for your Player objects. So I am testing your understanding of file IO and objects at the same time. You are to provide me with only and keep it named!!!!!!!!!!!
When you submit I want you to type the results into the submission text box!!!!!! You may work with up to two other individuals. You may not help any other individuals or groups. You may not mix and match groups. You are on the honor system and you will only be cheating yourself if you breach the limitations I provided. Please have only one person in the group submit and add the other member's names in the submission text. I provided a pre-compiled version of Player.class. You can use this to get an idea of how the game should operate
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