Final Exam Study Guide

1.             When TV advertisements report, "2 out of 3 dentists surveyed indicated they would recommend Brand X toothpaste to their patients," an informed consumer may question the conclusion because

a.     the sample was only 5 dentists

b.    the sample of dentists is clearly explained

c.     the advertisement does not include the total number of dentists surveyed

d.    the conclusion is not illustrated with a graph


2.             A marketing class of 50 students evaluated the instructor using the following scale: superior, good, average, poor, and inferior. The descriptive summary showed the following survey results: 2% superior, 8% good, 45% average, 45% poor, and 0% inferior.

a.     The instructor's performance was great!

b.    The instructor's performance was inferior.

c.     Most students rated the instructor as poor or average.

d.    No conclusions can be made.
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