NOTE: On purchase, you will receive a png that has my contact. And also no chargebacks or edits on your product. (If you cannot contact me via Twitter please add me on discord: Hussein#8484)

1.1 No refunds

At no point will a refund be issued unless your order can no longer be completed.
At which point a refund will be issued.

1.2 Be patient

If you are impatient and not willing to wait then you shouldn't have purchased, There are many others who may have ordered before
and as such, they will get theirs first.

Do not ask questions like "Can you get it done ASAP??" or "Hey man, I really need it soon"

1.3 Claiming work

Do not claim the work as your own nor may you resell it.

1.4 No Re-do's

Self-explanatory, I will not redo your GFX

1.5 Agreement

You agree that these terms can change at any time.

||----------Terms of Service----------||
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