Blueprint named Student

(Grades) Create a blueprint named Student that has two fields, a String for their name and a one-dimensional array of integers which are their grades (different students may have different number of grades). Finish the blueprint with a minimum of two constructors, a toString, and getters and setters. You can add more methods as you see fit. Write a driver program that has, at a minimum, the following structure: public static void main(String[] args) { // we do not know the number of students but there will not be 25 Student[] students = new Student[25]; int numStudents = loadStudents(students); printStudents(students,numStudents); } public static int loadStudents(Student[] s) { } public static void printStudents(Student[] s, int numStudents) {} } NOTE: the array of Students in main() is not is not full so you need to pass in the correct number that was loaded for the print. That number is the integer that is returned from the loadStudents() method. Here is my sample output: The grades for Joe were: 60 97 89 95 The average for Joe was 85.25 The grades for Mike were: 100 95 92 87 54 The average for Mike was 85.6 The grades for Sally were: 89 78 The average for Sally was 83.5 The grades for Harvey were: 100 100 87 56 88 98 The average for Harvey was 88.17
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