194 : Miss Jasmine plays with the gas of the WV Beetle

Miss Jasmine, wearing a "Team Paris" top and white jeans, gets happily in her old Beetle.

After some failed attempts in starting it, she pushes her brown high heels on the pedal hard, and she finally make it start!

What does she wants to do with this poor car? Why is she so happy? You understand it pretty well after, when she pushes hard on the gas to hear the engine!

That is Pedal Vamp style!

She then starts a really long revving session with the poor Beetle, with or without heels, and she even goes on the back of the Beetle to push the throttle cable next to the engine, to feel more the revs in her body!

In this video there are close up views of her feet pressing hard on the gas pedal, and views of either the passenger side or the driver side!

This video is so hot that you will loose your mind for this amazing hot girl!
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