GBM 381 Week 2 Due Diligence

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GBM 381 Week 2 Due Diligence
The class will be grouped into teams. Each team will choose a product or service for introduction to a target country subject to the approval of your instructor. Each team will develop a comprehensive strategic plan for this cross-border trade proposal predicated on lecture notes, assigned readings, and videos. This project will cover the five-week duration of the course and culminate in a 10-page plan excluding title and reference pages for submission during the last week of class. Each team will prepare and present a Microsoft®PowerPoint® presentation that summarizes the project to be presented during the last week of class.

Create a 1,050-word analysis that addresses the following:

Identify the target country for analysis and provide a rationale for your choice.
Identify one product, service, or natural resource for the target country of your choosing and provide a rationale for your choice. 
Analyze your target country in terms of macroeconomic variables like population, GDP, inflation, interest rate, and others.
Cite a minimum of 3 peer-reviewed references from the University Library.

Format assignment consistent with APA guidelines.

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