Hastie Studio Piano Scale Cheat Sheets

Scale playing on the piano trains your fingers to dance across the keys.

If a student is only able to play 2-3 "easy to read" scales and gets confused by flats and sharps in more advanced keys, he or she is not getting the full benefit of this aspect of practice.

Because every note on the piano has its own major and minor scale, it is only when the student is able to play scales on every key that they get the best results.

I designed these charts to teach you how to play all of the major scales and all of the harmonic minor scales instantly without reading music.

For those who are not familiar with what the numbers refer to, one is your thumb, two is your index finger, three your middle finger, four your ring finger and five your pinky finger.

My Cheat Sheets give you the traditional fingering which you would find in most any method book or Hanon.

It's a great way to simplify your piano practice!

This is the 2nd edition with bonus content about scales, chords and music theory!

32 Pages total, save money printing it yourself or buy the printed copy on Amazon.

Book has sold worldwide!
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