HRM 498 Week 5 Strategic HRM Plan, Part IV Final Report


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5 Strategic HRM Plan, Part IV: Final ReportAll parts of the plan must be turned in with the Final Report.Incorporate previous
feedback you received and make improvements.Attain faculty
approval.Choose three
to four cultural HR issues and three to four emerging HR issues that affect
your division. Your choices must reflect your predictions for priorities and
concerns in your division’s HRM plan.Write a
1,400- to 1,750-word detailed analysis, explaining how these issues and
cultural considerations affect your division and the strategic plans.Create a
chart with descriptions of chart contents, or a detailed, bulleted outline of
your recommendations for actions for five years and the division’s
capabilities. Include organizational limitations and how those will be
addressed. This chart or outline must include justification for each
recommendation for forecasting needs and strategic steps you provide each year.Create a
350- to 525-word executive summary.Organize your
materials according to your created outline.

Format your
report consistent with APA guidelines.

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your assignment.
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