Maximpact neuromarketing tool for Interaxon Muse (and Emotiv Insight)

Maximpact is a tool for comparing impact of different versions of advertisement messages to a watcher (neuromarketing). Marketers, artists and designers can make different versions of their ad, product or logo and measure which one looks most interesting to viewers.

The tool shows pictures from a user specified directory/folder, measures changes caused to EEG and reports differences (delta values) that can be used to select the picture/message that is the most difficult for watchers to ignore.

You will need Interaxon Muse headband ( and their Research Tools (muse-io.exe) to use this tool (muse-io.exe --device Muse-1234 --osc osc.udp://localhost:4545)

Requirements: Windows 10 (64bit) and 64bit Java. Developed using Interaxon Muse 2014.

Free demo version:

LICENSE: Each purchase of this product allows installation and the use of this product on a single computer by a single organisation.
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