3D Intro | Massdual | Redz Designs

Get your massdual here!

A massdual is an intro with one animation and multiple effects versions.
You can get 3-10 intros if you buy a massdual. 

You can choose:
Quality. (Max. 1080p)
Framrate. (Max. 60fps)

Once you've paid you'll recieve a .txt document with where you can contact me on to get your 3D intros.

1. I don't do refunds!
2. Choosing a song means suggesting a song. I may not choose the song you chose! I will tell you if so and send you a different song. You can tell me if you like it or not.
3. Make sure your name is not too long! This will make it look a bit unorganized. (Between 3-9 letters is recommended)

**Sellfy takes a small procentage of what you pay. So thats why it is a bit more expensive. You can get one cheaper if you are able to pay dirrectly to my paypal.**
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