Replace Vector2 and Coordinate Solution

1) Replace Vector2 and Coordinate

a) Create a new Vec2 class as a replacement for both Vector2 and Coordinate. Vec2 must be a templated class, so that it stores and manipulates X and Y values of a templated type. It may be helpful to start with the Vector2 class, add “template<typename TYPE” to the header, and replace (Ctrl+H) each instance of “float” with “TYPE”, and “Vector2” with “Vec2”.
b) Remember, a templated class must have all method definitions in the same file as the templated class declaration. Also remember that method definitions outside of a templated class’ declaration need a “template<typename TYPE” header, and a “<TYPE” appended to the class name with the scope resolution operator (e.g.: “void Vec2<TYPE::limitMagnitude(TYPE max) {/* method body */}”).
c) Replace the use of Vector2 with Vec2<float.
d) Replace the use of Coordinate with Vec2<int.
2) More Game Goals

a) Instead of having a single goal for the player, create at least 3 randomly placed goals for the player. Use a “std::vector<Entity” object (from the Standard Template Library) named “goals” to store the goals.
c) Whenever the user clicks in the game window, the game should create another goal object for the player to get, and add it to the “std::vector<Entity goals” object.
d) Each retrieved goal should be removed from the game after being retrieved by the player. A “You Win!” message should display when the player retrieves all goals.

[Autonomous Agent] The player controlled Entity can move to collect each goal without any user input!

[He’s Coming, RUN!] Create a MovingTarget class that extends Entity, and use that for the game goals. Each MovingTarget should wander randomly and slowly, running away from the player if the player comes withing a certain radius. Be sure to prevent goal entities from escaping the game boundaries!

[I’ll Make My Own List] Create your own templated list type and use it instead of the std::vector class.

[Blocked!] Implement collision detection, so that Entity objects can’t occupy the same area.

[We’ve Had Enough!] Create a Hunter class that extends Entity, and slowly follows the player’s Entity, ending the game in defeat if the player should be caught by a Hunter.

[Let’s Fight!] Create a Projectile class that acts as a projectile attack for the player’s Entity. Keep track of all projectiles in the game with a “vector<Projectile” object. If there are Hunters in the game, give Hunters a projectile attack as well! Don’t forget to remove projectiles from the game once they hit something or leave the game boundaries!
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