Java code

Java code

Provide Java code for a simple class of your choice. Be sure to include at least one constructor, two methods and two fields. The fields should be private.

Create a test class to construct and call the methods of your class.

Describe your class and demonstrate your code functions properly.

Respond to other student postings by testing their Unique classes. 

Homework 3

This assignment demonstrates your understanding of the Java Classes and Objects and using an IDE. It consists of 2 programming assignments worth 25 points each.

Before attempting this project, be sure you have completed all of the reading assignments, hands-on labs, discussions, and assignments to date.  

1. (25 points) Create a Java class named HeadPhones to represent a headphone set.  The class contains:

 Three constants named LOW, MEDIUM and HIGH with values of 1, 2 and 3 to denote the headphone volume.
 A private int data field named volume that specifies the volume of the headphone. The default volume is MEDIUM.
  A private boolean data field named pluggedIn that specifies if the headphone is plugged in. The default value if false.
 A private String data field named manufacturer that specifies the name of the
manufacturer of the headphones.
 A private Color data field named headPhoneColor that specifies the color of the
 getter and setter methods for all data fields.
 A no argument constructor that creates a default headphone.
 A method named toString() that returns a string describing the current field values of the headphones.
 A method named changeVolume(value) that changes the volume of the headphone to the value passed into the method

Create a TestHeadPhones class that constructs at least 3 HeadPhones objects. For each of the objects constructed, demonstrate the use of each of the methods. Be sure to use your IDE to accomplish this assignment.  

2.  (25 points) Create your own Java class that represents your favorite musical instrument. Your musical instrument class should have at least 3 constants,  4 private data fields, getters and setters for each private data field, a toString() method, and two additional methods of your choice. Create a test class that constructs at least 3 of your musical instrument objects. For each of the objects constructed demonstrate the use of each of the methods. Be sure to use your IDE to accomplish this assignment. You can pick any instrument you want. When designing your class, think about what would make sense to describe and use the instrument. For example, if you selected a trumpet, you might need to provide the number of valves, the manufacturer, if the instrument is using a mute, and the volume or even notes the trumpet is playing. Make this your own creation and have fun with it.
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