PHP Login System & User Management Module

Source code download in ZIP.

Experience the live demo by sending a request to [email protected], your email subject must be "PHP Login System".

Features that you will get and learn:

  • Login form with email and password

  • PHP Sessions are used to identify logged in and logged out users.

  • Hashed password stored in database

  • Register form

  • Password and confirm password fields

  • Check if password matches

  • Sending of verification link to email

  • Validation page of email link

  • Check if password is strong enough

  • Email sending works in localhost

  • Email sending works with remote server

  • Redirection to login page if not yet logged in

  • Forgot password page

  • Password reset link sent to email

  • Password reset page

  • Customer access to index page when logged in

  • Customer access to edit profile page when logged in

  • Customer change password page

  • Customer password and confirm password field when editing profile

  • Customer logout

  • Admin create user

  • Admin read users

  • Admin update user

  • Admin delete user

  • Admin change of user access level: Admin or Customer

  • Admin search user by email address

  • Admin users list paging

  • Admin edit profile

  • Admin logout

  • Admin change password page

  • Admin can change user passwords

  • Admin can manually change status of users (pending or approved)

  • Require login in admin index page, edit profile page and users CRUD pages.

  • Bootstrap enabled user interface

  • Free source code updates and support for 6 months.

Thank you very much for supporting us, we needed your support!

Created by Mike Dalisay, 
Software Developer
Founder and Author
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