257 : Miss Melanie (and Miss Vicky) - the unlucky WV Beetle video

Miss Melanie came back to Turin to test a new Pedal Vamp car: the Beetle! She want to know if the engine is powerful enough to be good for the Models! She is wearing a black dress, sexy stockings and black heels.

After a quick rev, she starts driving and she doesn't change the gear! She really want to torture this engine! The engine bounces on the limit and Miss Melanie keeps the gas on the floor!

She has no mercy for this engine! With a camera pointing the pedals and the other in the backseat, she is driving you around while the engine still bounces around the limit!

After a while, she decides her stockings and her heels are useless, so she stops to remove them. But when she tries to start again the car, she realizes the battery is almost dead!

She tries to start it and magically she makes it! Now she is not happy anymore, she is scared to be stranded in Turin! Miss Melanie, while Miss Vicky is instructing her to never leave the car on idle, stops on a crossroad, and the car stalls. Uh oh!

The car doesn't restart at all! And the battery seems flat!

What will they do?
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