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This is XenSimple, a new and sleek design that is most likely the easiest theme to configure out there.

All for the simple price of $10, you can get a very simple website theme for your server. You don't have to pay anyone to do the work, simply download the theme, and follow the following steps to make your website!

Step 1: Buy and download the theme (also have Xenforo setup on your web server)

Step 2: Upload theme files

Step 3: Install the UI.X Addon included in the package

Step 4: Import the language file I included in the pack and select that as the default language. (To upload a language file, you simply go to the admin panel and then click on the languages box and click import language MAKE SURE TO OVERWRITE THE PREVIOUS LANGUAGE FILE)

Step 5: Install the theme using the xml file

Step 6: Import the theme using the "import a style" button on the styles page


Step 7: Now that the theme is uploaded, here comes the easy part (the configuration).
Step 8: To change the colors, visit the style properties of the theme and go to color palette


Simply change the blue colors to the colors of your server.

Step 9: To change the server IP and all, simply go to the styles section of the admin panel, and look at the sidebar and locate "phrases"

Step 9: After you click on phrases, simply use the search feature and type in "mcserver" and you'll get a list of all of the custom phrases you'll need to change. Simply change those and you should be good to go :)

Step 10: The only thing that can't be changed through the phrases is the background image, but that isn't too hard to change either. Simply go to the theme style properties and follow the gif below.



A live preview of the theme can be provided upon request.

If you need ANY assistance whatsoever with the theme, please don't hesitate to contact me.



By purchasing this you agree to the following terms:



- You will NOT resell or redistribute this resource without my permission
- No refunds under any circumstances (disputes will be fought back!)
- You will not remove my logo at the bottom of the theme without my permission
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