192 : Miss Iris and the old Fiat 500 driving troubles

Miss Iris works as a hostess for a travelling company and has to take her boss to the airport. She gets in the car and before starting the engine, she operates the pedals a bit in her high heels to see how it works, and is not at all satisfied with the result. She explains to her passenger that her shoes are not good for driving, but she will have to try, because she does not want to take her shoes off: pressing the pedals in stocking feet would feel terrible under her sensitive feet, especially with the small pedals.

She starts the engine and drives off, and to her horror she finds that she really cannot drive with her shoes, sometimes missing the accelerator and almost slipping off the brake and clutch. After some minutes of driving, she frustratedly tells her passenger that she will have to take her heels off after all and slips out of her shoes.

She puts her stockinged feet on the pedals and immediately wiggles her toes uncomfortably because she dislikes the feeling of the small pedals under her tender soles.

Then she continues her drive. Unfortunately, the dense traffic forces her to change gears and shift between the pedals often, and during these stops, she looks down at her feet in annoyance, looking at her painted toes wiggling uncomfortably on the pedals. She notices that her boss he’s looking admiringly at her stockinged feet working the pedals rather than out of the window or somewhere else.

She finds this embarrassing and decides to "punish" him by subtly teasing him. She continues to drive normally, but wiggles and spreads her toes even more while standing on the pedals. Then as she finds her stockings a bit slippery, she decides to take them off and continuing barefoot untill she finally arrives at destination !
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