182 : Miss Iris and the Motorella kickstart barefoot

Miss Iris is looking around the garage to see if she finds an interesting vehicle.

After a quite of time spent in searching around, she found a Motorella moped!
Dressed in black and white squared short top, white shorts and flip flops, she wants to start it!

After some failed kickstarts with the flip flops on, she decides to kickstart barefeet!
So she tries with all her power from her muscles to start this scooter, but it doesn't want to start up!

"Cmon honey! Please!" She begs the engine!

After a while, she decides to try in another position. So she jumps on the scooter and tries to kickstart from there...And it seems to work!

Then she starts to rev it so hard, that the engine soon decides to refuse to work faster and harder, and so it stalls...And Miss Iris now have to restart it!

"What is the problem now?!?!"

Will she make it?
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