MKT 421 Week 3 Marketing Plan Phase II Presentation

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MKT 421 Week 3 Marketing Plan: Phase II Presentation
Based on the product or service you select for your marketing plan, prepare a 10 minute/10 Slide presentation in which you answer the following questions:

  1. Identify and describe your target market

  2. Determine whether you can segment your market into customer groups having similar needs and wants

  3. Identify the criteria that you will use to evaluate potential markets.

  4. Describe the organizational buyers and/or consumers of your product or service

  5. What factors that influence their purchasing decisions.

  6. Discuss how these factors will impact your marketing strategy.

  7. Analyze your current and projected competitors and define the competitive landscape for your product or service.

  8. Be prepared to answer my and the classes questions (which should be used to refine the lessons learned paper)

  9. Also make sure to rotate presentation duties so that I can see each team member in action

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