FREE Golden Ratio Brushes: 10+ FIBONACCI Shape Brushes for Procreate

"The FIBONACCIS" is a new set of practical shape and layout brushes I created for my personal and professional use. The 10 brushes are great to easily apply appealing GOLDEN RATIO aesthetics to your Illustrations and designs in Procreate:

  • FEMALE FACE brush

  • MALE FACE brush

  • LATERAL FACE brush

  • HEAD FRONT brush

  • HEAD SIDE brush

  • GRID brush (based on the Fibonacci spiral)

  • CIRCLES brush

  • TRIANGLE brush

  • COMPOSITE brush (includes grid, circles, and triangles)

  • COMIC layout brush (based on my free COMIC TEMPLATE set)

I'm happy to give the brushes away for FREE, but if you want to support my work please consider making a small donation. Thanks :)

How to use the FIBONACCI brushes

  • All brushes can be used as stamps, adjust size and opacity to fit your design or layout.

  • Use the brushes on a separate layer, move/transform/rotate it, reduce layer opacity, and lock it.

  • I like to use blue or red color for the template brushes so I can distinguish my outlines and other layers.

What is the GOLDEN RATIO?
It's believed that the Golden Ratio has been in use for at least 4,000 years in human art and design, but it may be even longer than that – some people argue that the Ancient Egyptians used the principle to build the pyramids.

In more contemporary times, the Golden Ratio can be observed in music, art, and design all around you. By applying a similar working methodology you can bring the same design sensibilities to your own work.

Hope you find the brushes helpful.

Happy designing,
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