IT280 Week 8 CheckPoint Mass Storage Devices - Appendix K


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Review the computer and components described in the Computer Hardware Simulator (CHS) on the student website.

Complete Appendix K by searching for DVD drives and other mass storage devices in the CHS computer.

Write a 350- to 700-word technical description of the sequential process of replacing a DVD drive. You may design the description to look like a technical document or paper that might appear in a computer maintenance manual.

Post your completed Appendix K and description as attachments.

Appendix K

Mass Storage Devices

Personal computers are quickly becoming multimedia machines. The demands that multimedia is placing on computers are rapidly filling up all available storage space. As a result, many people have switched to optical storage technology and external mass storage drives. If Moore’s law holds true, what will happen to computers over the next decade? How will technology keep up with development? How will information be stored and transmitted over time? How much data storage will people and businesses need? How much power will be required to run a personal computer? Most of all, how will you keep up with all the knowledge needed to manage those computers?
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