Complete HSC Advanced English Package 2018 (Save 25%!)


This package includes four HSC exemplar essay packages, with sentence-by-sentence annotations, providing a basis for writing the best essays on Discovery, Module A, Module B, and Module C. Each essay includes a wealth of textual evidence and analysis, along with guides to answering the question. In addition, by using the latest HSC questions, drawn directly from the 2016 and 2017 exams, students will have the most up-to-date basis for their own essays in 2018.

This package includes:

1. Two Annotated Discovery Essays, using Che Guevera's The Motorcycle Diaries.
2. Two Annotated Module A Essays, using Metropolis and 1984.
3. Two Annotated Module B Essays, using Hamlet.
4. Two Annotated Module C Essays, using the poetry of W.H. Auden. 

For 25% less than if you buy each one individually.

Unfortunately, Sellfy only sells in US Dollars, but this should still work for debit, credit, and paypal purchases. If you are unable to purchase using sellfy, I can also organise a bank transfer in Australian Dollars. Just shoot me an email at [email protected]

About me: in 2010, I placed 2nd in NSW in Extension 2 English, receiving marks of 98/100 (Advanced), 48/50 (Extension) and 50/50 (Extension-2). For the past several years, I have taught at Dux College, Bondi Junction, using the latest materials from some of Sydney’s most prominent selective schools. This has enabled me to craft essays that explain to students the specific needs of each section in a concise way.
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