Introduction to RC hobbies

This short guide has been designed with beginners in mind – it is meant as a way to get you all caught up with the world of RC vehicles. The RC hobby can be a large amount of fun. With this hobby, you will get the feel of driving a car, truck, boat, or helicopter, like you would never drive your real car. 

Beginners have a tendency to start out with an electric RC truck or car, because they love being in control of a fully functional scale model that is waiting your next command. In order to take this hobby by storm and enjoy it like it is meant to be, it is important that you learn about the various types of options that are available. 

RC vehicles use two different types of energy sources to make them go. The source can either be fuel or electric. Cars that run on battery packs are electric cars – they use a rechargeable NiCad battery pack for power. They normally run up to 10 minutes and can be recharged in about 15 minutes. Nitro cars, on the other hand, are powered by a small engine that burns a special glow fuel – the electric cars are the fastest – some can go over 50 MPH. 

You can choose to buy the car already made, or you can buy a kit that will allow you to make your own. These type of cars are known as RTR, which stands for ready-to-run.  They come with a radio system installed. Then, you have the ATR, Almost-ready-to-run, which will need to have the radio system installed in them. If you are new to this hobby, you will more than likely want to pick from models that are RTR  - this way, you can get to know the vehicles, without having to deal with all of those technical details.

Of course, there are advantages to those kits that allow you to build your own – one of the biggest advantages is that you will know how to repair any possible damage. Of course, building a kit, instead of buying one, will require extra time, which many of you may not have. 

To control the car, you also need a 2-channel Radio system. If you choose the electric models, you will need a battery pack, preferably NiCad, and a charger. Purchasing the car battery, radio, and charger together is preferable, because you 

can rest with the satisfaction of knowing you are getting compatible parts, plus you are saving money. 

The speed of the model all depends on the energy source you choose Yes, nitro (gas) powered cars have more power, and speed, than the electric models. However, if you want to get the “feel” of how it is to operate an RC car, you should go with the electric models before you move up to the faster gas cars. After you have mastered your skills of the hobby, you can always upgrade to a faster electric model, or gas model. 
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