Hitachi Hydraulic Excavator Zaxis 140W-3, 170W-3, 190W-3, 210W-3 Operating and Maintenance Manual

Original Illustrated Factory Operating and Maintenance Instructions for Hitachi Hydraulic Excavator Zaxis. 
Original factory manuals for Hitachi Excavator Mashines, contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate and repair your truck. All Manuals Printable and contains Searchable Text
Covered models:
Format: PDF, 363 Pages
Language: English
    Recognize Safety Information 
    Understand Signal Words 
    Follow Safety Instructions 
    Prepare for Emergencies 
    Wear Protective Clothing 
    Protect Against Noise 
    Inspect Machine 
    General Precautions for Cab 
    Use Handholds and Steps 
    Adjust the Operator’s Seat 
    Ensure Safety Before Rising From or Leaving Operator’s Seat 
    Fasten Your Seat Belt 
    Move and Operate Machine Safely 
    Handle Starting Aids Safety 
    Operate Only From Operator’s Seat 
    Jump Starting 
    Keep Riders Off Machine 
    Precautions for Operations 
    Investigate Job Site Beforehand 
    Equipment of Head Guard, Rops, Fops
    Provide Signals for Jobs Involving Multiple Numbers of Machines 
    Confirm Direction of Machine to Be Driven 
    Drive Machine Safely 
    Avoid Injury From Rollaway Accidents 
    Avoid Injury From Back-over and Swing Accidents 
    Keep Person Clear From Working Area 
    Never Position Bucket Over Anyone 
    Avoid Undercutting 
    Avoid Tipping 
    Never Undercut a High Bank 
    Dig with Caution 
    Operate with Caution 
    Avoid Power Lines 
    Precautions for Lightening 
    Object Handling 
    Protect Against Flying Debris 
    Park Machine Safely 
    Handle Fluids Safely−avoid Fires 
    Transport Safely 
    Practice Safe Maintenance 
    Warn Others of Service Work 
    Support Machine Properly 
    Stay Clear of Moving Parts 
    Prevent Parts From Flying 
    Store Attachments Safely 
    Support Maintenance Properly 
    Prevent Burns 
    Replace Rubber Hoses Periodically 
    Avoid High-pressure Fluids 
    Prevent Fires 
    Evacuating in Case of Fire 
    Beware of Exhaust Fumes 
    Precautions for Welding and Grinding 
    Avoid Heating Near Pressurized Fluid Lines 
    Avoid Applying Heat to Lines Containing  Flammable Fluids 
    Remove Paint Before Welding or Heating 
    Beware of Asbestos Dust 
    Prevent Battery Explosions 
    Service Air Conditioning System Safely 
    Handle Chemical Products Safely 
    Dispose of Waste Properly .
    Cab Features (Standard Model) 
    Steering Column Console 
    Steering Wheel and Travel Horn Switch 
    Accelerator Pedal 
    Brake Pedal 
    F-N-R Lever 
    Combination Switch (Turn Signal Switch, Light and Dimmer Switches) 
    Brake Switch 
    Working Brake 
    Auto Axle Lock 
    Hazard Switch 
    Operator’s Station 
     Engine Control Dial 
     Travel Mode Switch 
     Engine Speed Control Mode Selection Switch 
     Power Mode Switch
     Work Light Switch 
     Wiper/Washer Switch 
     Front Attachment Pilot/Blade/Outrigger Switch 
     Auto-idle Switch 
     Switch Panel (Optional) 
     Travel Alarm Deactivation Switch (Optional) 
     Swing Alarm Switch (Optional) 
     Electric Control Main Switch 
     Overload Alarm Switch (Optional) 
     Revolving Light Switch (Optional) 
     Seat Heater Switch (Optional) 
    Key Switch 
    Right/Left Control Levers 
    Lever Switch 
    Cab Light 
    Pilot Control Shut-off Lever 
    Engine Stop Switch 
    Multi Function Monitor 
    Basic Screen 
    Monitor Operation 
     Displaying Basic Screen 
     Trip Meter (7) 
     Odometer (8) 
     Hour Meter (9) 
     Clock (18) 
     Fuel Gauge (25) 
     Coolant Temperature Gauge (30) 
     Brake Oil Pressure Gauge (33) 
     Travel Speed Meter (34) 
     Tachometer (35) 
     Back Monitor Screen Selector (22) 
     Menu Key (23) 
     Optional Function Keys (24, 27, 29 and 31) 
     Return-basic Screen Key (32) 
     Menu Screen 
     Displaying Basic Screen by Inputting Password  (Optional) 
     Corrective Measures to be Taken when a Wrong Password is input 
     Extending Password Validity Time 
    Alarm Occurrence Screen 
    Clock Setting 
    Work Mode (Attachment Selection) 
    Attachment Adjustment (Pump 2 Flow Rate Adjustment) 
    Operating Status 
    Maintenance Setting 
    Mail (Optional) 
    Meter Display Control 
    Password Revising (Optional) 
    Back Monitor Setting 
    Language Setting 
    Meter Combination Setting 
    Unit Setting 
    Fuse Box 
    Additional Fuse Box 
    Auto Air Conditioner Operation 
    Tips for Optimal Air Conditioner Usage 
    Heater (Optional) Operation 
    Am/Fm Radio Operation
    Digital Clock Setting Procedure 
    Cab Door Release Lever 
    Opening Upper Front Window 
    Closing Upper Front Window 
    Removing and Storing Lower Front Window 
    Opening Door Windows 
    Opening/Closing Overhead Window (StdModel) 
    Emergency Exit 
    Adjusting the Seat 
    Seat with a Built-in Heater 
    Adjusting the Air-suspension Seat (Optional) 
    Seat with a Built-in Heater 
    Seat Belt .
    Observe Engine Operation Closely 
    Every 8 Hours or Daily 
    After the First 50 Hours 
    After the First 100 Hours 
    Inspect Machine Daily Before Starting 
    Before Starting Engine 
    Starting the Engine in Ordinary Temperature 
    Starting in Cold Weather 
    Starting in Cold Weather (ZX140W-3) 
    Check Instruments After Starting 
    Using Booster Batteries 
    Stopping the Engine 
    Engine Speed Control 
    Travel Mode Switch 
    Stopping and Restarting 
    Instructions for Traveling on a Slope 
    Emergency Parking Due to Machine Failure 
    Travel Alarm (Optional) 
    Control Lever (ISO Pattern) (Standard) 
    Control Lever (Hitachi Pattern) 
    Pilot Control Shut-off Lever 
    Steering Wheel Column 
    Warming-up Operation 
    Engine Speed Control 
    Work Mode 
    Power Digging (Only ZAXIS210W-3) 
    Power Mode 
    Parking/Stopping the Machine on a Slope (In Case of Emergency) 
    Raising the Machine Front Above the Ground with the Boom and Arm Function 
    Face Shovel Operation 
    Grading Operation 
    Do Not Slam the Bucket Teeth into the Ground 
    Do Not Use the Bucket as a Hammer 
    Avoid Increasing Digging Force Forcibly 
    Avoid Using Swing Power 
    Boom Lowering Procedure in Emergency or when the Engine Stalls 
    Overnight Storage Instructions 
    Transporting by Road 
    Loading/Unloading on a Trailer 
    Towing Machine 
    Correct Maintenance and Inspection Procedures 
    Check the Hour Meter Regularly 
    Use Correct Fuels and Lubricants 
    Maintenance Guide Table 
    Prepare Machine for Maintenance 
    Hood and Access Covers 
    Periodic Replacement of Parts 
    Maintenance Guide 
    A Greasing 
     Front Joint Pins 
     Swing Bearing 
     Swing Internal Gear 
     Front Axle 
     Propel Shaft (Front and Rear) 
     Equalizer Pin 
    B Engine 
     Engine Oil Level 
     Change Engine Oil 
     Replace Engine Oil Filter 
    C Transmission 
     Pump Transmission 
     Swing Reduction Gear 
     Transmission Gear Oil 
     Front Axle 
     Rear Axle 
     Front and Rear Hub Reduction Devices 
    D Brake (Traveling) 
     Check Brake Accumulator 
     Check Wear on Brake Lining 
    E Tire 
     Tire Inspection and Replacement Procedure 
    F Hydraulic System 
    Inspection and Maintenance of Hydraulic Equipment 
     Breaker Maintenance 
     Check Hydraulic Oil Level 
     Change Hydraulic Oil 
     Suction Filter Cleaning 
     Replace Hydraulic Tank Oil Filter (StdModel) 
     Replace Pilot Oil Filter 
     Replace Air Breather Element 
     Check Hoses and Lines 
     Service Recommendations for Hydraulic Fittings 
    G Fuel System 
    Drain Fuel Tank Sump 
    Check Water Separator 
    Replace Fuel Main Filter Element 
    Replace Fuel Pre-filter Element 
    Clean Fuel Solenoid Pump Strainer 
    Check Fuel Hoses 
    H Air Cleaner 
     Clean the Air Cleaner Outer Element 
     Replace the Air Cleaner Outer and Inner Elements 
    I Cooling System 
    Check Coolant Level 
    Check and Adjust Fan Belt Tension
     Change Coolant 
     Clean Radiator Interior 
     Clean Radiator, Oil Cooler Core and Inter Cooler 
     Clean Oil Cooler, Radiator and Inter Cooler Front Screen 
     Clean Air Conditioner Condenser 
     Clean Fuel Oil Cooler 
     Clean Air Conditioner Front Screen(Opt.) 
    J Electrical System 
     Replace Battery 
     Remove and Installing Battery 
     Replacing Fuses 
    K Miscellaneous
     Check Bucket Teeth 
     Change Bucket 
     Convert Bucket Connection Into Face Shovel 
     Adjust the Bucket Linkage 
     Check and Replace Seat Belt Check 
     Check Windshield Washer Fluid Level 
     Clean and Replace Air Conditioner Filter 
      Clean Filter 
      Replace Filter 
     Check the Air Conditioner 
     Clean Cab Floor 
     Retighten Cylinder Head Bolt 
     Inspect and Adjust Valve Clearance 
     Measure Engine Compression Pressure 
     Check Starter and Alternator 
     Check Tightening Torque of Bolts and Nuts 
    Maintenance Under Special Environmental Conditions
    Storing the Machine 
    Removing the Machine from Storage 
     Engine Auxiliaries 
     Engine is Hard to Start 
     Control Lever 
     Hydraulic System 
     Engine Speed 
    Specifications (ZAXIS140W-3) (Standard CHASSIS, REAR BLADE) 
    Specifications (ZAXIS140W-3) (Standard CHASSIS, REAR OUTRIGGER) 
    Specifications (ZAXIS140W-3) (FRONT BLADE REAR OUTRIGGER) 
    Specifications (ZAXIS140W-3) (FRONT OUTRIGGER REAR BLADE) 
    Working Ranges ZAXIS140W-3 MONOBLOCK BOOM 
    Specifications (ZAXIS170W-3) (Standard GAUGE, Standard CHASSIS, REAR BLADE)
    Specifications (ZAXIS170W-3) (Standard GAUGE, Standard CHASSIS, REAR OUTRIGGER
    Specifications (ZAXIS170W-3) (Standard GAUGE, FRONT BLADEREAR OUTRIGGER)
    Specifications (ZAXIS170W-3) (Standard GAUGE, FRONT OUTRIGGERREAR BLADE) 
    Specifications (ZAXIS170W-3) (Standard GAUGE, FRONT OUTRIGGERREAR OUTRIGGER)
    Working Ranges ZAXIS170W-3 MONOBLOCK BOOM 
    Specifications (ZAXIS190W-3)  (Standard CHASSIS, REAR BLADE) 
    Specifications (ZAXIS190W-3)  (Standard CHASSIS, REAR OUTRIGGER) 
    Specifications (ZAXIS190W-3)  (FRONT BLADE REAR OUTRIGGER) 
    Specifications (ZAXIS190W-3)  (FRONT OUTRIGGER REAR BLADE) 
    Working Ranges ZAXIS190W-3 MONOBLOCK BOOM 
    Specifications (ZAXIS210W-3) (Standard GAUGE, REAR BLADE) 
    Specifications (ZAXIS210W-3) (Standard GAUGE, REAR OUTRIGGER) 
    Specifications (ZAXIS210W-3) (Standard GAUGE, FRONT BLADE REAR OUTRIGGER) 
    Specifications (ZAXIS210W-3) (Standard GAUGE, FRONT OUTRIGGER REAR BLADE) 
    Specifications (ZAXIS210W-3) (Standard GAUGE, FRONT OUTRIGGER REAR OUTRIGGER)
    Working Ranges ZAXIS210W-3 MONOBLOCK BOOM 
    Blade and Outrigger 
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