METAL PRESETS - Superior Drummer 3 Presets Pack

Mix ready drums for your productions!

Stop waste your time mixing drums without good results.
Now you have the possibility to mix your drums with few clicks.

The pack includes:

  • 10 drum presets built with different SDX.

  • Instruction how to use our presets.

Requirements for the different presets:
(You need of course Superior Drummer 3)

  1. Broken Metal: Rock Solid, Metalheads, Metal!.

  2. Metal 1: Metal Machine, Metal!, EZ2 Modern, Metalheads.

  3. Metal 2: Metal Machine, Metal!, EZ2 Modern, Metalheads.

  4. Light Metal: EZ2 Modern, Metalheads.

  5. Blood Metal: Made Of Metal, Metal Machine, EZ2 Modern.

  6. Modern Metal: Metal Machine, EZ2 Modern, Metalheads.

  7. Nudge The Drum: Metal!, DFH, Rock Solid, EZ2 Modern.

  8. Tight Metal 1: Metal Machine, Metalheads, Metal!, EZ2 Modern.

  9. Tight Metal 2: DFH, Rock Solid, Metalheads.

  10. Metaller: Metal!, Rock!, EZ2 Modern.

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