Watercolors Project File

Les Turd's Watercolors Project File! Warning the compositions have weird names - just a heads up!
I'm super excited to be sharing this file with you all! I worked really hard on this file, and tried to incopperate some new elements into it. This file includes:
Turd's Special Watercolor Project File!
Turd's Magical Position Shakes!
Super Secret Effect Settings!
Big Sisturd's Secrets ALL Exposed ONLY FOR $0.90[message me about lower prices]!
The compositions are named after the folders they're placed in, this should help you find them more easily! Once you download the file, it'll be document named "Watercolors!," from there follow the Dropbox link and download the folder "Watercolors!!" with all my project files. Thank you so much, and please remember to edit responsibly.

Big Sisturd <3
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