The Dark Truth! What Science Has Hidden About Highly Melinated People

"The Dark Truth: Can The Ethiopian Change His Skin?"
It's 'Hidden Colors On STEROIDS!" '** Featured throughout this multi-part series are the words, wisdom and brilliant minds of icons like Malcolm X,
Dr. Frances Cress Welsing and so many more!
                          ** Topics Covered Include: **
How can Black people be cursed yet have DNA tests that PROVE they are the melinated Original Jews (" Chosen of God")?
Who is the historian who can testify with AUTHORITY that Jesus Christ is a Melinated African and a REAL person?
Are the 'Dead Sea Scrolls' phony? Is the "Shroud of Turin" a fake image and is there a way to tell?
Is there a REASON most statues of Pharaohs noses are missing? Where did 'White' people really come from?
What are some of the everyday inventions created by Black people that are universally used and vital across the globe?
How powerful is melanin? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
These issues and more are FINALLY answered and PROVEN in the new and fascinating documentary series
"The Dark Truth: Can The Ethiopian Change His Skin?"
Powerfully told Mentally Delicious Information sifting through the worlds of science, archeology,
DNA and holy scripture showing evidence on the Divine image, origin and purpose of mankind!
Once you've went through THIS series you WON'T be the same! Buckle up, we're about to have some FUN! **DONATIONS ABOVE $4.99 goes towards helping teach science, math, computer coding,
the gospel and feed children in Ghana** .
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