VIDEO - Folded hair


Some girls are happy with having a hip length ponytail.
For Alena, that is not good enough, but she also has a hip length ponytail. The only different is that her ponytail is double, or even TRIPLE!
Yes, when she folds her hair into a folded ponytail, it reaches hip length, and her ultra heavy floor length hair makes one massive, super super thick mega ponytail.
No one has seen hair like this before and it is truly a great and very rare sight to see!
She loves her hair and we do to. This video is the folded hair video that was made before "Folded hair 2", which can be found here:
People loved "Folded hair 2", so people will LOVE this one!

Folded hair 2:

In this video, you will see Alena playing with her floor length hair and brushing it to make it ready for the folded hair action, that requires a lot of work and arm-strength due to te extreme length and weight of her floor length tresses.
She also makes an extremely perfect folded braid that looks as beautiful as it looks dangerous.
That is one massive braid, and it looks so heavy!

This video is a very special video, and you will love it!
Many people have requested a video like this for a long time, so we are very happy to release it now!

This video is over 16 minutes in length!

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