Create a database driven application for a business Solution vb2010

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Create a database driven application for a business.


You are a programmer for a business and you have been tasked with designing a Visual Basic application and database to solve a problem for your business.


Manager and end users


• At least 3 tables in your SQL database

• At least 3 forms

• At least 1 function

• At least 1 subprocedure

• At least 1 structure

Steps you will complete:

• Identify the type of business.

• Identify a potential problem that this business might have. (ie, needs an automated inventory system, needs a payroll calculation system, needs a time management system, needs an automated order entry system, etc)

• Plan your application

o Design the user interface (GUI)

o Identify the tables and the table structures

o Develop your database

o Code your application

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