Xbox Game Cover Mockup

irst of all, thanks for purchasing the XBOX ONE box art mock-up. You’ve just bought elegant 3D XBOX one disk box that will enhance your graphic projects alike to make it further visually appealing.
The box provided with the pack is very easy to use and customize alike. The instruction file will walk you through the implementation of the elements.
It is really very easy to use the box provided. All you need to do isplace an image of your choice and the box will update automatically.
Follow the steps given below to use your images for the boxes:
1) Open the PSD file you just downloaded
2) Once the file is opened you’ll find a layer group named "BOX ART"
3) Expand the layer group and you’ll see 2 layers named one named "FRONT BOX ART" and another one "SIDE BOX ART"
4) Now double click the thumbnail icon of the first layer and you’ll be takento a temporary file. This is a temporary file that is generated to update the smart object. 
5) Once in the temporary file, you’ll see 3 layers. Double click thethumbnail of the layer named ‘DOUBLE CLICK’ again and you’ll be takento the actual temporary file which has the image needed to be replaced.
6) Place the image of your choice, save the image and then close it.
7) Once closed, you’ll see that the previously created temporary file now has the updated reflection for your image.Now, save and close the file.
8) Once, both of the temporary files have been saved and closed, the box will update itself to show your image.
9) Repeat the steps to try different images and do the same for "SIDE BOX ART"
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