Money Management Project Pack Rehabilitation Tool

The Money Management Project Pack includes PDF download files of:

  • Instructions/Questions and Answers Manual

  • 9 Bills

  • Bank statement

  • Blank checks

  • Blank deposit slips

  • Checkbook register

  • Checks for deposit simulation

  • Reconcilement Worksheet

  • Label templates for envelopes

Each exercise can stand on its own.
For example: analyze a bill and answer questions.
All tasks lead up to exercise #11 which combines all tasks together in a realistic simulation of completing a month’s finances.

  • Receiving bills in the “mail”

  • Paying bills with checks – watch out for the auto-pay bill!

  • Completing deposit slip

  • Completing register entries

  • Organizing the correct payment into the correct envelope

  • Reconciliation of checking account balance with bank statement

Complete the tasks as close to a real life simulation as the therapist/instructor desires!

The Money Management Project Pack provides the therapist/instructor with all the materials needed to lead one session or carry over the task for multiple sessions.

Part 1- Exercises #1-10: Analyze bills and answer questions.
Part 2- Exercise #11: A Month’s Finances.
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