BRM 353 Week 2 ProductBrand Development Phase I

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BRM 353 Week 2 Product/Brand Development: Phase I
Students will be working in their Learning Team as a development team, creating and developing their own brand/product throughout the remainder of the course. 
For the first phase of development:

  • Identify the target market.

  • Define the brand elements using the six building blocks discussed in the readings.

  • Define the brand equity position.

  • Create a brand management strategy for the brand and its products.

    • How should the product be promoted/marketed?

    • Develop a social media strategy.

    • Identify and address the challenges and opportunities as they relate to the brand's niche and competition.

Create a 7- to 10-slide PowerPoint® presentation to present your brand or product.
Include speaker notes to add more detail and explanation to each slide.
Submit the assignment to the Assignment Files tab.
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