Hollenhunde (Female) Lineart Pack (UPDATED)

Lineart package for users to create an anthro (female) Hollenhunde. Hollenhundes are simply hellhounds that fit into a specific world created by SynestriaVI @ DeviantART / D1SEASE @ FurAffinity. They are in no way a closed species.

Package includes:
-Full body w/ back view and details.
-3 Horn Shapes (Common ONLY)
-6 Hairstyles (3 long, 3 short)
-Accessory add-ons.

Lineart package will be updated periodically.
Linearts can be used for reference sheets and adoptables but credit must not be removed.

UPDATE: 9/19/2015
Fixed anatomical issues with the arm / bracelets.

UPDATE: 9/1/2015
Added 1 new hairstyle, bandana accessory, lip and anti-eyebrow piercings, and tunnel gauges to the ear.

UPDATE: 8/25/2015
Added nose spikes, a necklace, and a new piercing.
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