How to Use Keepa to Analyze a Book's Demand, Sales History, and Potential Profitability

As an FBA bookseller, you've probably asked one of these questions at some point:

1.    “Should I buy this high ranked book? Will it ever sell?”
2.    “How should I price this book?”
3.    “Is this 2005 calendar really selling for $700?”

If you’ve asked this in a facebook group, you've heard the answer countless times: “Just check Keepa...”

You pull up a graph with a bunch of colorful lines, different axes and have no idea how to interpret what you are looking at. You still don’t know if you have a winner or not. It doesn’t seem to be as intuitive as others make it seem.

This 48 page guide will walk you through app installation, user settings and provide a thorough breakdown of what each of these lines and data points signifies. I share my personal opinion and experience with high-ranked books, provide a breakdown of the Keepa interface, and then offer over 25 detailed examples for various types of books that you can follow along with.

Understanding Keepa will allow you to make better decisions when sourcing, and much better decisions when pricing.

If you are still confused by the time you finish reading this, please free to reach out to me. I promise I will help you interpret these graphs until you get the hang of it.
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